Established in 1956, the Mandarin Training Center (MTC) boasts a long history, it is also the largest and most well known language center in Taiwan for students who wish to study Mandarin. Academic semesters are three months long and offer language courses at all levels, with six to ten students per class. MTC also provides a wide variety of course offerings related to Chinese culture, as well as many extra-curricular activities. In order to meet the many needs of students who come from more than 60 different nations across the globe, MTC also provides month-long intensive language classes and two to six week intensive language and culture, culture and the arts, or business Chinese instruction for academic or business groups of over ten students. There are also Mandarin Summer Camps for children and teenagers between the age of 8 and 15 who are interested in studying Mandarin Chinese.
MTC staff consists of more than 100 highly experienced teachers, who all speak standard Mandarin Chinese. Each instructor must pass a very strict series of tests and are then required to undergo rigorous training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Outside of classes, many teachers are involved in the development of new teaching materials, and many of the materials developed by MTC are well known and widely used all over the world.
MTC is equipped with central air, a meeting room for student groups, a student lounge, a well-stocked library, a language laboratory and an audio-visual center. The computer room is exclusively for the use of MTC students and is equipped with the latest available software for Chinese instruction, as well as the ability to offer internet and e-mail services to speakers of all languages. For more information please see Mandarin Training Center