A.申請資格 Applicant Qualification
Applicants should be nominated by our contracted Sister Universities, and have completed at least one year of university work prior to participation in the exchange. Individual application will not be processed.
  B. 必備文件 Required Documents

1. 申請書1份 (請親筆簽名,並附二吋照片2張)
    One original copy of application form, signed and attach 2 passport-size photos
2. 護照(有照片頁)影本一份
    大陸地區學生、持中國人民共和國護照但居住海外學生 /  持港、澳護照學生)
    Photocopy of applicant's passport. 
    (Chinese students please hand in the Application form of Taiwan Entry Permit instead)
3. 推薦信一封 
    One letter of recommendation written in English or in Chinese. 
4. 留學計畫書一份(英文或中文書寫)
    One copy of a study plan (approx. 800 to 1000 words) written in English or in Chinese.
5. 大學或研究所成績單英譯本一份
    One copy of English official academic transcripts (for undergraduate or graduate studies).
6. 學生證或在學證明影本一份
    One copy of student ID or Enrollment certificate

C. 如何申請 How to Apply


Please go to Incoming Exchange Student Online Application to fill out the form during the scheduled period below, print the form out, add applicant's signature. and submit all the required documents BY POST to the Office of International Affairs at NTNU.

Term Time
Application Period
秋季班 Fall Semester Sep. - Jan. Mar. 1 - Apr. 30
春季班 Spring Semester Feb. - Jun. Sep. 1 - Oct. 31
夏季班 Summer Session Jul. - Aug.  upon request

Please contact us for requesting the Application Form of special summer session.

  D.申請流程 Application Progress

  E.聯絡資訊 Contact Information

聯絡人Contact Person:

來校交換生: Inbound Exchange Coordinator

--入學申請與成績單 (Application and Transcript)
熊子誼小姐 Ms. Nicole Hsiung
Tel:+886-2-7734-1273 Email: nicolekuma@ntnu.edu.tww

--學生輔導 [Student Advisor]
熊子誼小姐 Ms. Nicole HSIUNG
Tel:+886-2-7734-1273 / Email: nicolekuma@ntnu.edu.tw
赴外交換生: Outbound Exchange Coordinator

程遠茜小姐 Ms. Neferty Cheng
Tel:+886-2-7734-1267 / Email: neferty.c@ntnu.edu.tw

106 臺灣台北市大安區和平東路一段162號

Mailing Address:

Office of International Affairs,
National Taiwan Normal University
162, Heping E. Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei 10610, Taiwan R.O.C.