Applying for a Room in a Dormitory

On-campus Housing

ヾNew international students are given the priority for student housing. Generally speaking, undergraduates will have no problem securing a dormitory room. Graduate students, however, are advised to apply early.
ヾThere are a total of eleven NTNU student dormitories, one located on the main campus, six on the Gongguan campus, and four on the Linkou campus.
ヾEach room is shared by 3-6 students.
Costs vary depending on the dormitory. For one academic year, (September to the end of June) students should expect to pay between NT$ 10,000 and NT$ 24,000. The cost of utilities is not included in this fee. To stay in the residence halls over the summer vacation students must apply and pay separately.


  1. Community use: bathrooms and toilets, washing machines, washers, dryers, clothes lines, lobby, televisions, cafeteria, kiosks, laundry service, barbershop and beauty parlor, ping pong tables and billiard tables.
  2. Each room is furnished with tables, chairs, lamps, beds, telephone, fan, etc.
  3. InternetGAll dormitories are equipped with internet connections to allow students the convenience of accessing the World Wide Web right from their dorm rooms.
  4. Security system
For more information or to request application forms, please contact the Division of Student Housing Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs at:
TelG 886-2-7734315 or 886-2-23693412 FaxG886-2-23693413