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        As the population increases, the Chinese language is being more wide spread since it is the most used language in the world.  Over the years, with the increasing economic and educational interflow between Taiwan and China, there has also been an increasing interest in the world population for learning Chinese.  In order to meet with this increasing demand, the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL), which is the first nationally accredited M.A. program in Taiwan, Republic of China, to offer a program in the field of teaching Chinese as a second language.  Also,  TCSL is the first professional graduate school which devotes to the field of study in teaching Chinese as a second language since August 1, 1995.  In the future, TCSL is expecting to be a research institute for teaching Chinese in the world.

        °E Provide students with the opportunity to teach overseas.

      °E Develop Chinese domestic instructional materials and exams for the world.

      °E Be the important person of forward technology and media.


        The TCSL department provides opportunities for professionals of higher knowledge and  expertise.  Our goal is to professionally train qualified instructors of modern Chinese at levels up to university education for either domestic or overseas.  We also provide rigorous training in the areas of modern Chinese linguistics, Chinese language pedagogy and Chinese language instructional materials of all media.  The courses Chinese literature and Chinese culture are  also  included in the program.







1.  There are five professors to complete, as well as various time part-time associated professors. 

2.  This program also is supported by other professors, since also subjects given in other departments of the Faculty of Philosophy they are offered and Letters of the National Normal University of Taiwan, like those of English, Chinese, History and Geography. 



 Every year the program admits fifteen licensed students taiwaneses and to a specific number of almunos licensed foreign, and has on the whole some hundred thirty students that work to obtain its mastery in the different courses and phases of study. 



1.  This program requires a most minimum time of two years and a time limit of finalización maximum of four years.  

2.  The program requires the attainment of a minimum of thirty-six credits.  A credit by each working hour of class is obtained for week and semester. 

3.  Before the finalización of the program, is necessary to carry out a practice of teaching of two months of duration.  The practice will be carry out in the center of formation of the Mandarin one of the NTNU.  An exception with the students will be done that include three or more years of prior experience in the teaching of the Chinese as second language (TCSL, acronyms in English). 

4.  For the concession of the degree of master, the termination of the thesis is required of M.TO. and to surpass with success the oral defense of the work carried out.  For the execution of the thesis one of these three areas can be elected: Teaching of the Chinese Linguistic, Chinese tongue, and Materials for the teaching of the Chinese tongue (are included the multimedios). 



Our facilities include:


°ELecture hall


°EComputer room (7 computers with 3 printers and a scanner)

°EAppliance room

°E3 research rooms (2 computers with 1 printer in each)


    For easy access to information, every computer is connected to the Internet and we also constantly upgrade our computer systems to the newest software in order to keep up to date and  to provide our students with the best tools available.  In the library, we have a wide selection of reading material, which includes Chinese and English language books, English, Chinese and China newsletters, and our students' thesis. 



Since 1998, we proudly publish "Newsletter of TCLA" which is a bimonthly newsletter that is published in order for us to share the rapid new advancements and changes in the information of teaching the Chinese language domestically and internationally.  We highly encourage all

students to provide us with their address through e-mail in order for the students to receive the latest "Newsletter of TCLA".  For any further information on teaching Chinese, we also provide additional information free of charge to our students.