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                                                      Curriculm 95-1

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      臺灣史料與研究法      Seminar in Taiwan Historical Materials and the Researching Method of Taiwan History 

      臺灣早期海洋發展史研究      Seminar in the Maritime History of Early Taiwan

      臺灣近現代海洋史研究      Seminar in the Maritime History of Modern Taiwan

      臺灣文化史研究      Seminar in the History of Taiwan Culture

      臺灣醫療史研究      Studies in Taiwan Medical History

      日本近代史研究      Seminar on Modern Japanese History

      臺灣南部區域史研究      Seminar in History of Southern Taiwan

      臺灣東部區域史研究      Seminar in History of Eastern Taiwan

      荷蘭、西班牙時代臺灣史研究      Studies in History of Dutch and Spanish Taiwan     

      日治時期臺灣政治與社會專題      Special Topics in Politics and Society of Taiwan under Japanese Rule

      英文臺灣史論著選讀      Selected Readings of Taiwan History in English

      灣史日文史料導讀      Introduction to Japanese Historical Materials of Taiwan History

      醫學衛生史料典籍選讀(一) Selected Readings of Historical Materials and Classics of Medicine and Hygiene


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