Tuition and Living Expenses

  • Tuition
  • Note: Departments listed below are those which accept international students

    1. Tuition for Bachelor Program Students: Around NTD 47,180 ~ 55,200 per semester
    2. Tuition for Graduate Students For students taking at least 8 credits per semester, tuition fees are around NTD 50,726 ~ 56,264.

    For the most updated information on tuition and other fees, as well as specific terms and conditions, please visit the website of the Office of Academic Affairs-Registry Division.

  • Living Expenses
  • Food:Approximately NT$ 6,000~8,000 (US$ 190 ~ 250)per month.
    On-campus housing: costs vary between NT$ 4,600 ~ 11,600 per semester, not including utilities.
    Cost for an apartment off-campus (unfurnished, three bedrooms) is approximately NT$ 25,000 (US$ 800) per month. Cost for a single room is approximately NT$ 5,000 ~ 9,000 (US$ 160 ~ 280) per month, not including utilities. Usually off-campus housing requires a deposit of one to three months rent.

    Miscellaneous expenses: Cost of insurance, books, daily supplies, transportation, and utilities, etc., is approximately NT$6000 ~ 8000 (US$190 ~ 250) per month.

    For more information on student housing, please contact the Division of Student Housing Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs at: Tel: 886-2-23693412 or 886- 2-77343159.