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  • A Brief Sketch
  • Founded in 1946, originally as Taiwan Provincial Teachers College, the school's mission was to train outstanding teachers for secondary education. The name was changed to National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in 1967, but the commitment to quality education and teacher training remained. With the enactment of the Teacher Preparation Law in 1994, NTNU transformed itself by creating many new academic departments and promoting international collaboration with prestigious universities overseas, as well as welcoming international students to enroll in academic programs. NTNU has established sister-school ties with 250 well-known institutions abroad, including universities in the People's Republic of China, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Austria, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, etc. In July of 2011, Webometrics Rankings of World Universities ranked NTNU number 17 in all of Asia and number 176 in the world. NTNU is a diverse, multinational institution and community, with an international student population of nearly 4,000, including those enrolled at the Mandarin Training Center.

    NTNU is composed of three campuses: the main campus, the Gongguan campus (home to the College of Science), and the Linkou campus (home to the College of International Studies and Education for Overseas Chinese). Fifty-eight academic departments and graduate institutes are divided between ten distinct colleges: the College of Education , College of Liberal Arts, College of Science, College of Arts ,College of Music, College of Technology, College of Management, College of Sports and Recreation, College of International Studies and Education for Overseas Chinese, and College of Social Sciences. Currently, around 49 departments and graduate institutes are open to international students.

    NTNU is host to 18 research divisions and Education Centers. Established in 1956, the Mandarin Training Center not only boasts a long history, but is also the largest and most well-known Mandarin language center in Taiwan. Each academic quarter lasts three months and offers language courses at all levels, cultural courses and many extracurricular activities in order to meet the needs of the students of as many as 60 different foreign nationals from across the globe.

    NTNU Students, Staff, and Faculty

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  • Facilities
  • Facilities inside NTNU include libraries, computerized classrooms, the campus network service, conference rooms, exhibition and concert halls, sports facilities, dormitories and a guest house, campus cafeteria and shops, a health center, a post office, and ATM machines.

  • Transportation

    Main Campus (Main campus area and administrative offices)
    Address: No. 162, Sec. 1, Heping E. Rd., Da-an Dist., Taipei City 10610, Taiwan (R.O.C)
    MRT: A 5-minute walk east from Guting MRT station
    Bus: Line 3, 15, 18, 74, 235, 237, 254, 278, 907 (Get off at NTNU stop)

    Gongguan Campus (home to the College of Science)
    Address: No.88, Sec. 4, Tingzhou Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 11677, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
    MRT: A 10-minute walk south from Gongguan MRT station
    Bus: South Line 0, Green Line 13, Line 30, 74, 109, 36, 251, 252, 253, 278, 284, 290, 530, 606, 623, 624, 644, 647, 648, 650, 660 (Get off at NTNU Gongguan Campus stop)

    Linkou Campus (home to the College of International Studies and Education for Overseas Chinese), a 35-minute drive from the main campus
    Address: No.2, Sec. 1, Ren-ai Rd., Linkou Township, Taipei County 244, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    Taipei Main Station > Linkou Campus ( by San Chung Bus)
    [Get on at] North Gate in Taipei City (Tacheng St.)
                     Take the Taipei-Gongsi Line (via Linkou)

    [Get off at] the Linkou stop. It's a 20-minute walk from there.

    Taoyuan > Linkou Campus
    [Get on at] Taoyuan Main Bus Station
                     Take the Taoyuan-Linkou Line (via Nankan and Gongsi)
    [Get off at] Linkou stop. It's a 20-minute walk from there.

    Banciao > Linkou Campus
    [Get on at] Banciao station
                     Take the Banciao-Gongsi Line. It should take around 30~40 minutes.
    [Get off at] Linkou stop. It's a 20-minute walk from there.

    Taxi: Taxi fare is around NTC800-NTC1000 from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (CKS Airport) to the Linkou Campus.

    School shuttle bus service is provided to run between the campuses. For bus fare, route maps, and timetable, please visit the Office of General Affairs website (check Service Information > Vehicles for the use of school affairs and student transportation)