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The Office of International Affairs (OIA) was founded in August 2007 to advocate, support and pursue the Universitys goals in international education and exchange. The mission of the OIA is to strengthen the global dimensions of learning, teaching, research and service throughout the University. It aims to enhance international cooperation by promoting exchange programs and recruiting international students.

As the newest administrative division of the University, the staff of the OIA is committed to serving all incoming and currently enrolled overseas students at the University by providing them with a network of support and helping them make the transition into the NTNU community. More importantly, in accordance with the internationalization initiatives of the University, the OIA is dedicated to increasing the opportunities for students to be in contact with other cultures through our academic curricula, study abroad plans, faculty and student exchange programs and international scholars visits on campus.

OIA currently has four divisions:
The Division of Recruitment and Development
The Division of Academic Cooperation
The Division of International Student Affairs