To correspond with national social welfare policy and the social demands for
people with disabilities, the Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling was
established in August 2004.
1. To promote vocational rehabilitation services efficiently.
2. To strengthen multiplex professional services on the special education field.
3. To provide extension education opportunities and improve quality of the total
rehabilitation services.
The framework of curriculum is structured with five components, including
foundation of rehabilitation counseling services, transition and vocational
evaluation practice, assistive technology, counseling and guidance, and research
method. The minimum requirement of graduation is 30 credits. [Theses
There are six members in our faculty: three professors, one associative professor,
and two assistant professors.
1. To cultivate vocational rehabilitation professionals, for upgrading the
vocational training, vocational assessment / evaluation, employment services,
and vocational / career counseling for people with disabilities.
2. To cultivate psychological rehabilitation professionals, for helping people with
disabilities on adaptation to their obstacles and promoting living quality as
  3. To cultivate assistive technology professionals with faculty from Special
  Education, Information Education, and Technology Departments.
  4. To develop projects and further study on the vocational rehabilitation and
  psychological rehabilitation fields.