International Student Admission and Enrollment

 General Enrollment

Operating on a semester basis, NTNU begins each academic year in September and ends in June.

For international students who are interested in being enrolled in NTNU, application forms for entrance exams can be requested from the Office of Academic Affairs in February, and should be received by the end of April in order to meet administrative preparations for examinations in students' specialization and Mandarin held in June.

The number of enrolled international students in each department is usually held at 1/5 of that of local students but no more than five in total. Only two students from the same country are accepted by each department each year.


 Enrollment for the Mandarin Training Center (MTC)

The MTC operates on a quarter basis, with new classes at all levels of instruction offered at the beginning of each period of study.

Chinese language classes at the MTC are open to all persons who possess at least a secondary school diploma or its equivalent.

Some useful websites for those of you who are interested in studying in Taiwan

Tourism Bureau, MOC

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For introductory bulletin, application form, or details, please contact:

Mandarin Training Center

National Taiwan Normal University

162, Hoping East Road, sec. 1

Taipei 106, Taiwan, ROC

Phone : 886-2-321-8457, 886-2-391-4248

Fax : 886-2-341-8431

E-mail :