College of Fine and Applied Arts

Founded in August 1982, the College of Fine and Applied Arts has the goal to prepare secondary school teachers in the fields of arts, music, and industrial technology education. It also serves the sociocultural function of training professionals to work in culture centers, art galleries, music halls, museums, libraries, and institutions related to fine arts.

 Department of Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts emphasizes on traditional Chinese arts, the traditional arts of other countries, and contemporary arts.

After completing two years of basic courses, the undergraduate students choose one major from the three sections, namely, Chinese fine arts, Western fine arts, and design.

The graduate program provides courses in the fields of Chinese art history, Western art history, art education, and design. To pursue a master degree, students must finish courses of 30 to 36 semester credits, in addition to a thesis or a graduate exhibition.

 Department of Music

The Department was founded in 1946. The undergraduate program aims at training students to be capable professional musicians and music teachers for secondary schools. Required core courses include piano, vocal music, woodwinds, brass, strings, Chinese music, and theory and composition. The graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Arts offers courses in the areas of composition, conducting, music education, musical theory and philosophy, and performance.




Established in 1998, the institute aims to cultivate advanced and professional designers for the industrial. Thirty-two semester credits and final project including the proposal are required for a Master's of Fine Art degree. There are four core courses: History and Design, Advanced Color Theory, Aesthetics of Design, Advanced Human Factors, and the elective courses are Studies in Computer Graphics, Advanced Visual Communication, Studies in Advertising Photography, Studies in Design Management, Computer Assisted Product Design…etc. The faculty members include four full-time and three part-time professors from different disciplines and professions to offer interdisciplinary training and design methodologies. The institute has a professional multimedia computer laboratory with high-end Mac and PC computers, Agfa scanners, Fujitsu 640MB M.O. drivers, Epson color 3000 printer and HP DesignJet2000CP/A0 Plotter printer and LCD data projector…etc. For further information, please contact with the office which is located in the first floor of Fine Art Building.