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Q1:Where is NTNU?
Q2:What is the defining characteristic of NTNU?
Q3:How do you define ¡§international students¡¨?
Q4:I am of Chinese descent. Can I apply as an international student?
Q5:How many semesters are there per year?
Q6:When do classes begin?
Q7:Does every department at NTNU accept international students?
Q8:Do I need to speak ¡§perfect¡¨ Chinese to be accepted to NTNU?
Q9:Does NTNU offers Chinese language courses?
Q10:How do I apply to an academic degree program?
Q11:How do I apply to the Mandarin Training Center?
Q12:When are the entrance exams for international students?
Q13:What are the tuition and living expenses if accepted into an academic degree program?
Q14:Does NTNU provide housing for international students?
Q15:Are there scholarships available to international students?
Q16:Can international students work in Taiwan?

All answers please see: http://www.ocf.ntnu.edu.tw/intocf/english/qa.html

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